My name is Alex, I am documentary filmmaker and photographer who has embarked on a seemly endless journey to explore the world we live in.

Though I was born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, at a young age I had the opportunity to start traveling, and it wasn't long after that I started doing it with a camera in hand. The natural beauty of the Earth, and the diversity of human beings have inspired me to discover, capture, and share what I find.

Various projects have taken me from Korea, to Armenia, Turkey, USA, Mexico and beyond. In every corner of the globe I find amazing stories of people, nature, and the interaction between the of two. Stories that leave you astonished by what is possible and give a glimpse into the awesome power and beauty all around us. 

Some of these stories are massive in scale, some happen in only seconds, some are happy, and some are sad, but in the end all it takes is one special moment to feel that connection that links all of us. 

That connection, to nature and to each other, is what I try my best to capture through images. As I said, I think this venture is an endless one, but if there is one thing I know, it is that it is far from fruitless. 

TELE [usa]: +1 (610) 405-5647
TELE [armenia]: +374-77-86-84-43